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THE VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE DO NOT NEED A TRAINER...THEY NEED A PLAN! They do not need someone to stand over them, count their repetitions, get in their face, or keep them company while paying $50-100/hour to workout. No, instead, what people truly need to help them meet their fitness, fat loss and performance goals is a coach and consultant with expertise in program design. Someone who can provide them with a systematic road map-an actual program-which will take them from point A to point B in the most effective, efficient, flexible and budget friendly manner possible to reach their goals.


Having An In-Person Trainer Has Significant Drawbacks!


There are MANY negatives and drawbacks to having an in-person fitness trainer. Consider the following:

  • Exorbitant Cost: working with a trainer in person can cost anywhere from $50-100/session. In order to get results, one needs to train frequently (typically 3-6 days/week). Seeing a trainer in person 12-24 times per month can cost anywhere from $600-2400. Only a VERY small segment of the population has that type of disposable income.
  • Scheduling: excellent trainers-anyone worth spending your hard earned money on-have full schedules and very limited availability. This means a client has to rearrange their schedule to accomodate the trainer and forces them to train on a day or a time of day which is not best FOR THEM.  In the busy world we live in, and all of the competing demands on our time, this is far from an ideal scenario, 
  • Lack of Nutrition Guidance: most trainers do not provide-or provide very little-nutrition guidance to their clients. They MAY provide them with very general advice like "eat more lean protein", but it is rare to find a trainer who develops specific meal plans for their clients. The truth of the matter is, if a trainer is not focusing as much on nutrition as they are on the actual physical training, it is impossible  for a client to get cosmetic results. The vast majority of people who seek out the help of a trainer want to look better, lose fat, and have a more athletic looking body. Without a nutrition intervention, the desired result is next to impossible to achieve, no matter how good the actual physical training is. 
  • Lack of a true PROGRAM: sadly, most trainers develop "workouts" and NOT progressive, systematized long term PROGRAMS for their clients. Many trainers simply throw together workouts as their clients are walking through the door with the sole intent of making them exhausted and sore. Making a client exhausted and sore with a single workout or series of workouts does not, in any way, ensure the client is going to meet their long term goals.

Live Fit: Changing The Way Personal Training is Done!


In developing the Live Fit program, I've eliminated all the aforementioned negatives and drawbacks of having an in-person fitness trainer:

  • Budget Friendly: for the cost of seeing me in-person two times/month, I can develop a program which allows a client to train as frequently as they like (every day if they want) and reach their goals as fast as possible.
  • Train on YOUR Time: the Live Fit program allows a client to train when it is best FOR THEM-not me-and according to their busy schedule. 
  • Focus on Nutrition: the Live Fit program focuses as much on nutrition as it does physical  training. Each online/distance coaching client receives specific meal plans, which are built  around foods they actually like to eat and which are modified as they progress, in order to help them reach their cosmetic goals as fast as possible. Nothing is left to chance: clients are told exactly what, how much (down to the exact gram), and how often to eat. This is custom nutrition coaching at its finest!
  • Programs...Not Workouts: the physical training component of the Live Fit program, is, in fact, an actual PROGRAM. Every exercise, set, repetition, and training session counts for and towards something-an end goal. Clients are systematically progressed through 4-week training phases. Each week of a training phase builds on the week before, and each successive phase builds on the prior phase. PROGRESSION and structure are prioritized at all times. 

Want To Learn More?


If you are interested in learning more about the value of the Live Fit online personal training/distance coaching program, what is included, how it works, and the associated costs, just click on the link below:



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