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“I had always confused being busy with being productive, which had me in the gym five days a week focusing on the visible 'glamour' muscles. I thought that lifting for more than fifteen years made me an expert and though I looked fit, I was burnt out from doing the same back/bi, chest/tri, legs/shoulder exercises. After reading a Men's Health magazine article about Patrick and LiveFit back in early 2014, I decided I needed a change and signed up for his distance training regimen. I'm in medical sales, which means a lot of travel, stress and long hours, so hiring a personal trainer that I would have to meet a few times a week was not an option for me. I discussed this with Patrick and over the past two years, he's created customized, measurable and efficient workouts geared specifically towards me and my goals, making an impact that I didn't think was possible or attainable: squatting, bench pressing and deadlifting over 300 lbs. for multiple repetitions, doing sets of 15 rep pull-ups, and taking my body fat to a level which turns heads on the beach.


Patrick sends a different workout each month and even though I'm only in the gym four to five hours per week at most, I continue to see gains in total-body strength and musculature. I'm 33 and have never been healthier or in better shape in my life. Patrick's distance training program has changed my 'check the box' attitude into one where I'm constantly challenging my mind and my body.”


--Adam Yancey, 33, Union, KY

“I have always been a fitness enthusiast. Before I met Patrick I had run 15 marathons and competed in triathlons on a weekly basis, but like many cardio junkies, I couldn’t do a pull-up. I started working with Patrick after our third child was born and I couldn’t carry the carseat without pulling my back out. After working with him for two years I can say that I am in the best shape of my life. I am glad that I sought out Patrick’s help and because of him I have been able to take my fitness to the next level-squatting over 120 lbs. for multiple repetitions, doing multiple pull-ups, and pressing 35 lb. dumbbells over my head-one which I never would have achieved on my own. His passion for fitness, knowledge of exercise science, and creativity makes him the very best trainer I have ever met.


What’s more? It is a true testament to his great work that I was able to carry my fourth pregnancy, with twins, to term without any pain or discomfort…and he had me back in pre-pregnancy condition in less than 8 weeks after my delivery, which amazed me, my friends and family alike. Having 5 young children and two newborns can be overwhelming, but Patrick’s fitness “recipe” has allowed me to take on each day with vigor, and has allowed me to keep up without missing a beat. His workouts are a perfect in that they are challenging, can be done in under 45 minutes, but don’t leave you completely depleted and unable to “do” the rest of your hectic life.


--Katie O’Brien, 33, Cincinnati, OH

“Patrick Striet's fitness programs redefine your body.  I am a successful executive who had to balance work and raising three children.  I have worked with Patrick for over 8 years and my body is in the best shape ever! What’s more, during this time, he has come up with intelligent and effective strategies after my hip replacement and ACL reconstruction. I have excellent muscle tone and flexibility, and his program has helped to maintain my weight while also developing the ability to do perfect push-ups in my late 50’s! Patrick's programs are structured so well that anyone can start no matter your current physical activity or age and you will see an improvement.”


--Donna Deye, 57, Loveland, OH

“By using Patrick’s methods, I dropped 60 pounds and 15% body fat in 8 months! I never imagined when I started my journey under Patrick’s guidance that I could achieve these types of results in only 3 workouts per week! Beyond the changes to my body, it has truly transformed my entire life: my energy levels and productivity are as high as they’ve ever been, and I’m a better husband, father, and business owner…and I actually LOOK FORWARD to working out for the first time in my life!”


--Larry McGraw, 36, Hebron, KY

“My commitment to a physically active lifestyle for a lifetime is as non-negotiable today at age 67 as it was when I was newly minted U.S. Army Officer shipping off to Panama. Physical conditioning has contributed enormously to my maintaining a competitive edge in life--both personally and professionally. For over a decade, I’ve relied on Patrick Striet to keep my muscular strength, endurance and flexibility at the highest possible level. At 67, I’m able to bench press 200 lbs., leg press over 300 lbs. for multiple repetitions and I can still row 500 meters in under 2:00 minutes…none of which would have been possible without Patrick’s programming expertise.


For the longest time, I thought there was no “quick fix” to phenomenal fitness. What Patrick has taught me over the years is that, if your fitness program has structure, is based on sound principles, and is carried out consistently--in my case, just 2 workouts per week-quality will always trump quantity, and you can achieve great results with a very moderate time investment…and the programs in the 60-Second Sweat reflect that.


--Nelson Lees, 67, Cincinnati, OH

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