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Since 2002, our goal at Live Fit has been to separate ourselves from the pack of other personal trainers and fitness training facilities and provide our clients with the best possible results. In developing our program, we have examined the shortcomings of other trainers and training facilities, analyzed why people fail when it comes to diet and exercise, and, most importantly, we have LISTENED to what our clients want and need.


How Are We Different?


1. Programs...NOT Workouts


At Live Fit, we take great pride in developing PROGRAMS-not "workouts"-for our clients. Unlike other trainers and fitness training facilities, we operate in a systematic fashion which provides our clients with a road map to reach their goals as quickly as possible. We do not throw together workouts, with no rhyme or reason, as our clients are walking in the door for their training sessions.


Our entire program is broken up into progressive phases. Put simply, we have a plan. We leave nothing to chance, and there is purpose and reasoning behind everything we do. Every exercise, set and repetition counts for-and towards-something. Clients are progressed within each phase itself, and from one phase to another in a systematic, goal oriented manner. Our clients make a substantial investment-time, energy & money- in their health and fitness, and we owe them only the best coaching and program design.


2. Comprehension


One of the biggest mistakes other trainers and training facilities make-and one which we've capitalized on-is not developing a comprehensive program for their clients. Most trainers simply have their clients perform a modest amout of machine based strength training and steady state cardiovascular exercise during their workouts. If there is time, there may be some stretching thrown in at the end. We feel the approach described above is ineffective and inefficient.


The world we live in, and our daily lives in general, have become increasingly sedentary. As a result, people not only are gaining body fat, losing strength and lean muscle, and becoming deconditioned, but they are also developing poor soft tissue quality, postural problems, chronic injuries, and are losing mobility and stability in their joints. Due to the above, we take pride in developing comprehensive and scientifically based programs which address EVERY fitness quality imaginable. Our programs do not just entail "lifting some weights and doing some cardio". Live Fit programs include all of the following:

* Soft tissue work/foam rolling
* Flexibility & mobility training
* Core training
* Strength & power training
* Interval & cardiovascular training
* Fat loss nutrition and supplementation guidance
* Continuing education and coaching 

We realize our clients have a finite, limited amount of time to devote towards exercise: We want to make sure we make maximize their return on investment and address everything they need covered to reach their fitness, fat loss and performance goals.


3. Focus on Nutrition, Ongoing Support, and Continuing Education


This is where we really separate ourselves from the pack. Let's face it: 95% of our clients come to us with the primary goals of losing weight and body fat and getting toned, "cut", athletic muscles. Simply, our clients and potential clients want to look better naked, look better in a bathing suit, or fit back into their favorite pair of jeans. While improving overall health and fitness is certainly a priority, our philosophy is centered around making people look better. Period.


What most trainers will NOT tell you is that it is almost impossible to transform your body solely by coming to see them in person 2 or 3 times each week. They may tell you that to sell you on their services, but, the reality is, if a trainer or training facility does not provide extensive nutritional guidance, ongoing support, and continuing education to their clients, losing a significant amount of weight and body fat, and developing toned, athletic muscles is nearly impossible.


We are different. We help our clients develop workouts which they can do on their own time, outside of seeing us in person. We go above and beyond in helping them develop meal plans and actionable fat loss nutrition strategies which will drastically accelerate their results. We provide and recommend only the best nutritional supplements to give them an edge. We are constantly in touch with our clients outside the gym via text message, email and social media to keep them on track and answer any questions they may have. Without all this, we KNOW our clients would fail, which would ultimately affect our bottom line and reputation...and we can't have that.


4. 21st Century Training Methods and Plenty of Variety


There are predominantly two types of fitness trainers out there. The first is stuck in the 1980's and is still putting their clients through machine strength training circuits and having them perform long duration, low intensity, and boring cardiovascular work. While there is nothing inherently wrong with machine based exercises which attempt to "isolate" specific muscles (we use some at the Live Fit facility) or traditional cardiovascular exercise (we still prescribe this in certain situations), exercise science, real world application and experience has shown us there are more effective, more efficient, and more functional training methods which get the typical adult client better-and faster-results.


Even though the majority of our clients are not competitive athletes, we incorporate sports performance training methods and protocols. This means a heavy dose of multiple joint exercises, many of which are performed while standing, and high intensity, short burst, explosive interval training. These methods allow our clients to feel and function better while burning fat and building lean muscle faster.


The second type of trainer on today's fitness landscape tends to be "attached" to a certain type of training, methodology or training "tool". Some trainers train all of their clients, regardless of goals, like body builders, because it is how they personally train. Others only use yoga and pilates methods regardless of a client's goals, while others still only use kettle bells or exercise balls with their clients.


But what if the bodybuilding trainer has a client which has no interest in adding muscle mass? What if the Pilates guru is working with a client who wishes to increase their maximal strength, and is not primarily interested  in increasing mobility and flexibility? What if the kettle bell trainer is working with a client who has an arm injury which makes kettle bell training uncomfortable?


I hope you see what we're getting at. At Live Fit, we prefer a hybrid training approach which pulls the best from all fitness methodologies. We emphasize the methods and tools which help our individual clients achieve the goals which are most important to THEM, and take into account their individual circumstances. We do not impose our will on our clients and train them how we, personally, like to train.


Furthermore, we use a wide variety of equipment with our clients. We are not just "free weight guys" or so ignorant as to think an exercise ball or pilates reformer is the panacea for optimal fitness. Through our experience, we have absorbed what we have found to be useful, and disregarded what has proven to be ineffective. We use all of the following training tools to give our clients a fun and varied training experience:


* Barbells and dumbbells
* Kettle bells
* Cables
* Bands
* Body weight
* Stability and medicine balls
* Strongman and unconventional training tools
* Suspension trainers
* Slide boards

We feel this approach, while emphasizing progression in a structured format, delivers the best results for our clients.




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